What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

As its name suggests “Search Engine Optimization” or “SEO” is the process of optimizing a website according to the rules, regulations and guidelines of different search engines for which you want to rank in.

What is the need of SEO, why I should implement SEO services on my website, what if I don’t do any SEO on my website?

Search Engines needs certain specific instructions to understand about a particular business website (that what is website is all about). And that’s what search engine optimizers do implement in the process of SEO to make it Indexable and visible in search engine results, and that is what explain the need for SEO and why should you implement it.

In a day a number of times we search for many different queries on search engines and often we just go through the top 10 websites shown in SERPs. We even don’t surf the second page to get answers to our queries. Thus, if you don’t implement any SEO on your website, then the chances are that majority of the internet users will never come to know about the existence of your business and business website.

Why do I need a professional SEO expert to do SEO, why can’t I do it by my own?

You can do SEO by your own absolutely if you possess strong knowledge of search engine optimization and latest techniques related to SEO but if you don’t then doing it by own can prove to be an entirely wrong decision as it will result in loss of time and resources as well. And even worse which includes penalty from Google, de-ranked from search engine results.

Thus do SEO by own only when you are expert at it either you can hire a professional SEO expert to do it for your online business.

How much lucrative SEO is and how much time it takes to get ranked in SERPs?

Search engine optimization is extremely profitable is it helps to get you indexed in search engine results, along with presenting your business in front of the right audience to make them aware of your business and its services or products. Also, helps to show you an authority in your domain helps to gain organic and targeted traffic and most importantly it is cost effective. As far as time is concerned it ultimately depends on the niche of your business that how much competitive it is and which keyword terms you want to target.

What is your view on quick SEO results, do they last long?

There is nothing like Quick SEO and those who promise to provide you quick SEO results are apparently making fake promises to you. Those who provide fast SEO results implement unethical techniques to make a website ranked in few days and also their results not lasts long. Even you can get banned or penalize by respective search engines for implementing bad SEO practices. Hence, don’t accept as true, such things. Right results might take the time to come, but only correct results with ethical practices, i.e., white hat SEO practices lasts long in this competitive world.

What is Local SEO and do you provide Local SEO?

Local SEO is optimizing a website for local search results. For example, if you are living in Mumbai and want to promote your business in that particular region to get exposure among the local customers of Mumbai then the SEO done for it is Local SEO. Yes, we do provide local SEO services.

What your Search Engine Optimization process involves?

Under our search engine optimization, we provide on-page optimization, off-page optimization, link building, and online reputation management, Performance Based SEO, website audit, keyword research, URL rewriting, etc. with the help of our SEO experts.

What if I want to take any one service from your SEO process?

Yes, you can take individual services as well. The cost will be applied then accordingly.

Can you provide previous samples of your SEO services?

Yes, we can provide you the details regarding the previous work done for other clients along with their keyword ranking and traffic stats.

How much you charge for a SEO Project?

It ultimately depends on the project and the requirements of the project for instance how competitive your niche market is, what resources will be involved in SEO etc.

Will I have to make an upfront payment?

Yes, 50 percent of the quoted amount.

What should I need to do take your SEO services and do I need to posses some technical knowledge for that?

You just have to contact us for taking our services, and you need not to posses any technical knowledge for owing our services. However, you just need to make some changes if required on the website for quality SEO if you don’t want to share your details of hosting or Cpanel with us. We will instruct you in that case how to make changes.

How would I recognize that you will endow me high quality content?

We are working in the domain of content writing from past 3+ years and have completed projects successfully based on Content Writing. We have served almost every kind of industry with our content writing services which include fashion industry, digital marketing industry, religion and spiritual industry and so on, which you can also check in our portfolio section. We have experts from all sectors to serve you with the best content writing and marketing services.

For Which industries ContentBloggers has worked and for which industries it provides its content writing services to?

We provide our services of content writing & marketing to almost each industry. Till now we have served digital marketing, fashion, religion, spiritual and technical industry with our services. We are into the continuous process of serving other industries as well with our expert content writers.

How do you approach an order?

First of all, we stay in touch with you after receiving a query for content writing, via phone, Skype or email. Then in the second step, we do discuss essential things like what is our targeted area, what are your targeted keywords, what are your goals and motive with the content provided by us, which simply means for which platform do you want to use content writing by us, etc. Then according to your requirements, we start working on your project.

Can you provide previous written samples of your writing?

Yes, we can do provide previously written samples of our writing.

Do I get free sample of writing before hiring?

Yes, we can provide a free sample of writing before hiring, of 200-250 words as per client asked for.

How much you charge for a content writing project?

It ultimately depends on the project that which sort of project is and the resources put in.

What aspects add to your content writing fees?

The aspects which add to content writing fees include research on the topic of content, content writing, modifications and proofreading.

Will the content be original?

The content provided by us will be 100% original, and Copyscape passed.

Will I have to make an upfront payment?

Yes, 50 percent of the quoted amount for the whole content writing project.

What are your modes of accepting payments?

Currently, we do accept payment via online bank transfer and PayPal.

Do you endow with content rewrite/content redraft services?

Yes, we do provide the services of content rewriting and updating as we understand the importance of updating fresh and unique content for better traffic and Search Engine Rankings.

I want my website’s content to be updated frequently. Do you sign an agreement?

Yes, we do sign agreements for working our clients on long-term basis & serve with the best services of content writing.

Do you charge extra for revisions? Will there be any hidden costs?

For minor revisions, we don’t charge any money as we try to provide our best in the first time of delivering the content. Still, if you find requirements for revisions we perform revision for minor changes. Though, we do not rewrite the whole project entirely.  And if things have altered on your end then yes we will charge for it as it will be a major revision.

What services do you proffer under content development?

Our services include SEO content writing services, Web Content Writing Services, Article writing services, Blog Writing Services, Press release writing services, Product Review Writing Services, Blog Commenting Services, Meta Title & Description Writing Services and so on for almost every sector.

Will the content be SEO friendly?

It will be as we have a team of skilled SEO experts as well, to help you completely and with the dedicated and committed services of content writing.

Does keyword analysis form component of your content writing package?

No, we do charge a nominal fee for keyword analysis/research depending on the number of more keywords you want to get researched rather than provided by you or already existing ones.

Can I alter, reformat, or share out the content provided by you?

Yes. All we wanted from your end is just to show our work done for you to our prospects and potential clients as the previously done work sample.

What is the method to take services of content writing from ContentBloggers?

For taking our services all, you need to do is to contact us and will be in touch with you ASAP.

What is Social Media Marketing and Why My business needs it?

In very simple words social media marketing is the process of branding a business with the assistance of Social Media. Your business needs social media marketing because in present date there is no better option than social media platforms to stay connected with your customers and potential clients and to know more about them and their requirements instantly to serve them the best.  Along with that to make your customers and followers updated with your each and every activity, event, product launch, etc.

What platforms does ContentBloggers provide social media marketing services on?

Presently we do provide our social media marketing services for Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, YouTube, etc.

What services do you proffer under Social Media Marketing?

Under our social media marketing, we provide services of increasing genuine likes and followers, re-pins, and re-tweets, complete management of Facebook Page, Twitter Profile, and management of other social media profiles, group sharing, etc. there by sharing among genuine followers and targeted audience. Along with that, we will also develop compelling and valuable content to share over different social media channels as per the platform with the help of our social media marketing experts.

Can you provide previous samples of your social media marketing services?

Yes, we can provide you the details regarding the previous work done for other clients.

How much you charge for a Social Media Marketing Project?

It ultimately depends on the project and the requirements of the project for instance how competitive your niche market is, what resources will be involved in SMM etc.

Will I have to make an upfront payment?

Yes, 60 percent of the quoted amount.

What is the method to take services of social media marketing/optimization from ContentBloggers?

For taking our services all, you need to do is to contact us and will be in touch with you ASAP.